Why Getting A 30% VA Rating Matters

Many veterans receive a 10% or 20% rating from VA.  Many of these veterans should receive a VA rating of 30% or higher.

Why does a 30 percent VA disability rating matter so much? The short answer is that you receive more in VA benefits for the higher rating.  But, a 30 percent or higher rating means a lot more for most veterans than just the increase in monthly benefits.

Man on the phone Doesn’t any increase in my rating increase my monthly VA benefit?

Yes.  As you’re probably aware, the higher your VA disability rating, the higher your monthly benefit in disability compensation from VA.

But, the 30 percent level is crucial.  If you are below 30 percent, then you are paid as a single veteran with no dependents.  So, with a 10 or 20 percent rating, you receive the base amount of benefits for that level.

It does not matter if you have dependents or not.  You can be a veteran with ten children and a wife, and you will still receive the same benefit as a veteran who is single with no children.

What happens at the 30 percent VA rating level?

At the 30 percent level, VA factors dependents into their calculation.  This means that you receive additional VA benefits with dependents.  If you are rated at 10 or 20 percent and have dependents, it probably makes sense for you to go ahead and push to try to get a 30 percent rating.

You might prove that a single disability qualified for a 30 percent rating.  VA often rates disabilities too low.  Even if your decision was from a long time ago, you can pursue a claim for an increased rating through VA.

What if my 10 or 20 percent rating was correct?

Even if you believe your rating was correct, you may get to a 30 percent rating with other service connected disabilities.  If your service connected disability causes another medical condition, you could have a secondary disability.

VA will calculate a combined rating using VA math if you succeed in getting a secondary disability service connected.   If that combined rating brings you above the 30 percent rating (even if neither rating is 30 percent or above on its own), you would still enjoy the benefit of receiving benefits for your dependents.

What if I have more questions about my VA claim?

I understand you want your VA claim to be done as quickly as possible. But remember the ultimate goal – to win your VA disability compensation claim.

You may eventually get there on your own, but it may be after a series of decisions by the Regional Office and Board of Veterans Appeals. Sometimes claims are appealed and remanded several times, which can cause a claim to drag on for years. If you are interested in avoiding unnecessary delay in your claim and want to do everything you can to maximize your chances of success, it is probably a good idea for you to consult with an accredited veterans disability attorney.

We would be happy to talk to you. If you would like a free consultation with our Perkins Studdard veterans disability attorneys just click here or give us a call to begin the process.

Travis Studdard is an attorney who focuses on representing veterans in VA disability compensation claims.  He regularly writes about issues that are important to veterans and their families.
You can subscribe to his Veterans Disability channel on YouTube.

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