New Scientific Study of Veterans Suffering From Gulf War Syndrome

The Washington Post has reported that a scientific study has shown that Gulf War Syndrome, a condition experienced by many Gulf War veterans, could very likely be caused by changes in the brain.  The scientific study conducted brain scans on veterans to examine nerve bundles.  One conclusion from the study was that these nerve bundles in the brain tended to have broken down in veterans with Gulf War Syndrome (GWS).  This could cause the inability to pay attention or difficulty forming new memories that is often seen in veterans suffering from this condition.

What causes Gulf War Syndrome?

The Washington Post article also indicates that, while the cause or causes of GWS are not yet known, it could be caused by exposure to sarin gas or by a drug that was given to soldiers to protect them from sarin gas.  The symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome have not just been limited to veterans of the Gulf War.  As we mentioned in a previous blog post, veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan have also shown symptoms of GWS.  Hopefully, further scientific research into Gulf War Syndrome will help better determine its cause or causes which will help provide better medical treatment for those suffering with this condition and also help prevent future veterans from developing it.

Questions about veterans benefits

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