Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Wars Showing Symptoms of Gulf War Illness

According to an article at, a report released by the federal Institute of Medicine indicates that veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan may be suffering from Gulf War Illness (now known as chronic multisymptom illness).  This report could ultimately affect decisions by the Department of Veterans Affairs regarding which veterans are entitled to benefits for symptoms associated with their deployment in Iraq or Afghanistan.  Also, continued research in the field of chronic multisymptom illness associated with Gulf War service will hopefully lead to a better understanding of the cause and better treatment options for veterans.

What is VA doing about Gulf War Illness?

According to a page on Gulf War Veteran’s illnesses on the VA’s website, the VA is currently reviewing the report of the Institute of Medicine.  It is important to note that the VA already presumes that certain illnesses (such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, certain gastrointestinal disorders, and a number of other symptoms associated with neurological, psychological, cardiovascular, respiratory and other types of disturbance) are connected to service in the Gulf War.  This presumption is made if the service member qualifies as a veteran with Gulf War Service under the VA’s definition.

Questions about veterans benefits

If you are a Gulf War veteran and believe you are suffering from symptoms associated with your service, please consider filing for benefits.  Also,  you can set up a free consultation with Travis Studdard by filling out the Need Help form or calling the phone number on the right side of the page.