Government Shutdown May Disrupt Veterans’ Benefits

Despite information provided to members of VA congressional affairs and later released to the public, a recent Washington Post article indicates that Tuesday’s government shutdown could be very bad news for veterans receiving benefits, including disability and pension checks.  According to that same article, the House of Representatives and Senate Veterans Affairs committees were informed only late last week that, if the shutdown lasts for more than two to three weeks, veterans’ benefits checks of all types will be disrupted.  Apparently, the problem is that the VA will run out of funds to make compensation and pension payment to our veterans if the shutdown continues for several weeks.  This is obviously concerning to veterans and their families who depend on these pension and compensation payments.   Hopefully, their will be an agreement reached and the shutdown will be over before any veteran’s benefit payments are disrupted.  However, if you are a veteran receiving benefits for pension or compensation it could be important to be prepared for the possibility of a delay in payment.

Question About Veterans Benefits

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