100% Disabled Veterans Receive Expedited Social Security Disability Processing

The Social Security Administration recently announced a program where veterans who have qualified for a 100% disability rating through the Department of Veterans Affairs will receive expedited processing of their claims when they file for Social Security Disability.  This new program will begin sometime in March.  It does not guarantee that the veterans will qualify for Social Security Disability but it does cut down on the time it will take Social Security to process their claims.  Social Security already offered a similar program to active duty military personnel who are wounded.

How Will the Program Benefit Veterans?

Many veterans who qualify for a 100% disability rating because of proving TDIU (Total Disability Individual Unemployability) may have already filed for and started receiving Social Security Disability benefits prior to receiving the VA decision that granted their 100% rating.  However, for those veterans with a 100% rating who have not already filed for Social Security Disability benefits, this new program should provide them with an opportunity to avoid the long waits often associated with filing for Social Security Disability benefits.

The standard for Social Security Disability is very similar to TDIU standard.  Hopefully, since both the Social Security Administration and the Department of Veterans Affairs are federal agencies, there will be a move in the future to allow the grant of a 100% rating by the Department of Veterans Affairs to serve as a presumption that the veterans meets the standards for qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits.

Questions About Veterans Benefits or Social Security Disability

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