Free Consultations About Veterans Benefits

There is an old saying that, “Nothing in life is free”.  Based on that saying, you may be concerned that a “free consultation” with an attorney about a veterans benefits case is not really free at all.  However, this is one of the few times in life where free really means absolutely no cost to you.

Does a Free Consultation About Veterans Benefits Cost Me Anything

No.  There is absolutely no charge for this consultation.

The attorneys in our law offices provide free consultations in all the areas of law in which we specialize.   This consultation benefits both you and us.  It helps you find out about your rights.  It also helps you understand whether you need an attorney to represent you.  It helps us understand whether we will be able to help you.

How Much Will It Cost If I Decide To Hire You As My Attorney?

Even if you do decide that you need to hire us after the free consultation, it still will not cost you anything unless we recover money for you.  This is because we handle veterans benefits cases on a contingency fee contract.  You only pay us for the work that we do on your case if you get something for you.  If we do not recover something for you, then our work on your case is free as well.

We sometimes agree to handle initial applications for veterans benefits for free.  When we do this, we do not charge a fee for the work done on the initial application for benefits.  One of our client recently started receiving veterans benefits for PTSD after we assisted him with an initial application.

Are There Any Costs Other Than Attorney’s Fees?

The only small costs that might be incurred are the costs associated with your case.  This cost is not for the work we do on your case but for charges that we pay when other companies charge us to acquire the information we need to pursue your case.  These might include getting copies of medical records or other documents.  If we go ahead and pay these costs for you while your case is going on, you are ultimately responsible for paying us back.

How Can I Schedule a Free Consultation?

Scheduling a free consultation with one of our attorneys is easy.  Simply fill out the “Need Help” form or call the phone number on the right side of this page.